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Fan art 

Over the past month I’ve being making fan art of some artists from bands I like. I’ll release more once I’ve made some new ones, but here are the first 4.






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Singles and EP’s roundup: 03/02/17



When I first heard this song, I thought it meant good things from Nickleback. Maybe they’re exploring new territories. Maybe Nickleback won’t be such a joke. But as I was searching up feed the machine, under the videos heading, I saw something that caught my eye. A song called feed the machine by RED. Well, that’s a bit of a coincidence, but I wasn’t convinced Nickleback were plagiarising again, so I had a listen to the song. The subject matter is exactly the same, the musical direction is exactly the same, the vocals themselves are very similar, and the song is basically a cover with a few of the words switched around. Well, maybe that’s what they intended it to be. After scrolling through 10 pages of safari results, there was still nothing. So yes, Nickelback have not changed. They are still plagiarising great songs and claiming them as their own and they are still getting away with it, taking any musical quality out of it.

Rating: 2/10



The new single from spirit, their upcoming album is politically infused and up there with tracks like ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘Personal Jesus’, yet it is haunting in it the opening instrumentals that reflect the darkness of trump’s america, then anthemic with a chorus that proves that electronic music can still be like it’s highs in the 80’s. DEPECHE Mode have written one of the best singles of the year so far, and if the whole album is of this quality, then it may be the best album of early to mid 2017. This is Depeche Mode returning to their best




Blondie are releasing a new album, their first original material since ghosts of download, but blondie have returned with an insanely catchy 80’s style pop-rock song that is just as fun as its title may suggest. The new album looks very interesting, with collaborators such as Sia, who I respect as an artist but may not bring the right tone to the album, Charli XCX, who’s music I don’t like but could make something great with Debbie Reyes stopping it from becoming too pop, and Jonny Marr from the Smiths, a collaboration which I am genuinely excited about. The track is a great start to the new album, and should prove to make for an interesting album.




Imagine Dragons have changed a lot since night visions. The songs are not as emotionally charged in terms of sounds, but the vocals have a similar impact to that of their debut, and are starting to have a twenty one pilots style in the verses, which sounds good but isn’t as good as their older stuff. It is more rock heavy then most of the songs on smoke + mirrors, but it shows good things for the future of Imagine Dragons.


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Gorillaz: Hallelujah Money track review

OK. Everyone has been freaking out about this, and everywhere on YouTube I’m seeing comments saying they have been escaping this ‘horrible’ new song and listening to Feel Good Inc. and I have to say, as with everything post-Demon Days, you have to let it grow on you. Saying Gorillaz should be like old Gorillaz is like saying that Bowie should have been like old Bowie with Blackstar (Bowie was better, but you get the point). If you only appreciate the self titled album and Demon Days, then you aren’t really a huge fan of gorillaz. The song has the same vibes as some of the tracks on plastic beach and is really enjoyable once you have given it a couple of tries. In addition, it is even better than some of the tracks on the self titled album in terms of lyrical content, and the apocalyptic imagery in the background gives it the creepiness of Fire Coming Out Of The Monkeys Head or Clint Eastwood. In fact, it would fit almost perfectly on Plastic Beach, continuing the man-made, dystopian imagery that we saw in Plastic Beach. The argument that it is not enough like Demon Days is redundant as most of the themes are the same, and the only difference is the musical direction, and I have no doubt that if there were collaborations on Demon Days, then it would sound fairly similar to Plastic Beach. As a band, Gorillaz have to evolve their sound and that is exactly what they are doing, and just because this sounds different, doesn’t necessarily mean the new album is going to sound like that at all, because this is NOT a single as this screenshot proves:

Therefore, everyone needs to stop complaining about this song and actually give it a chance, realising that this is not what the album will sound like. It is an amazing track and the artistic vision brought to it by Benjamin Clementine (the poet collaborator) makes it one of the best track I have heard for a while. Full stop.

Rating: 9/10

P.S: If you think I’m the only one who thinks that people should stop criticising the new song if they only know Demon Days, then read this. 

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Falling in reverse thoughts

I was going to put the review for the new track on another edition of singles and EP’s roundup, but there wasn’t much new besides the new AFI album and the gorillaz singles, and I want to review them individually because I have been anticipating the new gorillaz track for a very long time and I need more material to make a Singles and EP’s roundup. 

Anyway, the new Falling in Reverse single seems to be going down the same path that the falling in reverse albums are on. From the hard rock debut of The Drug In Me Is You, to the emo pop-punk Fashionably Late and then the pop-rock with an edge style Just Like You, each album has been more mainstream than the last, which is not necessarily the worst thing that could happen to them. Although their debut is undisputedly their finest work, trying to replicate it would fail and Coming Home looks to be the joint second best album along with Fashionably Late. The band have seemed to have recovered from Just Like You, which in my opinion was a great album, but the musical direction felt confused, unlike the new singles, which have a space style vibe to it. It is a lot harder than most mainstream rock, but the band embrace change and prove that they are not just a screamo band. 

‘Loser’ rating: 8.5/10

‘Coming Home’ rating: 8.5/10

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Trump inauguration playlist

Since almost everyone has seemed to have made their own playlist, so I decided to chip in. Here’s my contribution.

1. Leaders of the free world – Elbow

2. Hallelujah Money – Gorillaz 

3. It’s The End of the World as we Know it (and I feel fine) – R.E.M.

4. United States of Whatever – Liam Lynch

5. American Idiot – Green Day

6. Die for the Goverment – Anti-Flag

7. Stars and Stripes – Circle Jerks

8. Complete Control – The Clash

9. California Über Alles – Dead Kennedys

10. The Government Totally Sucks – Tenacious D

11. Evolution – Korn

12. BYOB – System of a down

13. Viva presidente trump! – Brujera

14. Campaign Speech – Eminem

15. Fight the power – Public Enemy

16. World Leader Pretend – R.E.M.

17. Blank Generation – Richard Hell (bonus track)

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David Bowie tribute👨‍🎤

It’s been a year since David Bowie died and it was the greatest loss to music since Michael Jackson or Kurt Cobain. I only discovered him and his music months after he died, but he was a musical legend. With a career that spanned over 4 decades, he redefined the limits of pop until 2016 broke pop again. Even when music was at its lowest, he refused to stay the same as the world or even himself. He brought a new concept and a new sound to each and every album. He influenced so many artists from Marilyn Manson to Nirvana to Nine Inch Nails to U2 to the Smiths to the Sex Pistols, and without him, most of the artists that are considered to be all time legends would not have become who they did. My appreciation for him has grown over the past few months as I realised just how important he was to music, and even if he had only released his more mediocre mediocre albums, they would still be thought of as amazing. People have grown to be accustomed to listening to amazing music from artists like Bowie, which may have been one of the reasons that 2016 was not great overall for the world of music. We were lucky to have someone who would shape music into what it is today.



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You me at six: Night People

This album is great. I like complex albums, but sometimes simple is the best direction an album can take, and You Me at Six’s new album Night People is a prime example of that. It has hints of AFI in some of the tracks, bringing it some depth but the Kings Of Leon style pop rock on Heavy Soul and the calming ballad on take on the world is easy listening and very enjoyable, and is just one of those albums where it exists to enjoy, not to pick apart its musical qualities. I haven’t listened to any of You Me At Six’s previous albums, but given the enjoyment this album brought me, I will probably have a listen to their discography. Side A is full of suprises and Side B continues with the simplistic rock in the first three tracks. 

Dropkick Murphys 11 short stories of pain and glory review coming soon. (Tommorow most likely)

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Singles and EP’s and albums roundup: 06/01/17

2017 looks good for the future of music. With new albums by Eminem, 50 cent, Jay-Z, Gorrilaz, Beck, Depeche mode, the Killers, the XX, Marylin Manson, Paramore, Arctic monkeys (maybe), Ryan Adams, Queen Of The Stone Age (I think?) and upcoming artists, the music industry has much to look out for. Here are my opinions on the albums, EP’s and singles of the week.



After their melancholy debut album which had all the traits of a nine inch nails record if you strippped away most of the instruments or a more civilised version of PIL’s Metal Box. They seemed to have evolved from that stage to create their own sound instead of drawing form others, although the vocal style has hints of black veil brides on the sentient but sounds like the menacing intros on some of marylin mansons songs (intro of the beautiful people) at the start an then evolving into several different vocal styles that I have never heard before on one track. Each song brings something new but still blend into each other. Each of the members has a unique contribution, and stray away from sounding like Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age or At The Drive-In, the previous or other bands of each member and has come a long way since their formation last year.




Great for a pop song, but not very good for Ed Sheeran, the lyrics have little meaning but still the song forces me to like it. Comparing this to the A-Team is a bad idea, as it would be like comparing Integrity Blues and Bleed American. The reason why this song attracts me but repels me is that it reminds me of Lukas Graham with the I Took A Pill In Ibiza style cringe-worthy tropical house instrumentals with the clapping in the background sounding painfully like Cups. But at the same time, it has lyrical value and Isn’t blatantly egoistical like most pop songs out there. So mixed feelings.



This is the good old Ed Sheeran that I am used to. This is a song that would fit into a deluxe edition of multiply and if it’s good enough for the best pop album since the 70’s, then it is good enough for me. There is lyrical value and the sound doesn’t feel manufactured like so much pop does these days. It has the traits of the old albums and yet brings a new sound, evolving from what it was because it can’t replicate A-Team or Photograph. Although it has the same theme as 7 years, it has much more emotional power to it and there is actual musicality. Hopefully the rest of this album will be like this single.


P.S: I know I forgot night people by you me at six, that’s going to be my next review.

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Singles and EP roundup: 23/12/16

I wasn’t aware of any of these releases until I stumbled upon them and wasn’t expecting a batch so good, but I was proved wrong. Here is my singles and EP roundup for this week



Actually really good. Some people have said it disappointed, but this is one of my current favourite tracks from this band, and I haven’t heard anything as enjoyable as that since the drug in me is you or when they were escape the fate. It turns towards a more black veil brides style of vocals, with the avenged sevenfold of starting out the song with lullaby style music and then building into metal with albums such as nightmare. This seems to have mixed reactions by hardcore fans, at least according to the comments section of altpress right now. The song itself doesn’t have such a powerful narrative drive  as the drug in me is you, but as a single, I am looking forward to the new album.

Rating: 8.5/10



I was ready to have a go against Twenty One Pilots with this, but it’s pretty fun and it’s free (on the internet not the iTunes Store) so whatever. It doesn’t add anything and it kind of feels like a demo compilation of some solid T.O.P songs and I  Would have it downloaded as an audio file so I can’t say anything bad against it. You can download it at alternative press and probably some other sites (I’ll bet the twenty one pilots website will have it) so download it.

Rating: 7/10 



Before this EP, I hadn’t heard any Nine Inch Nails songs and excpected them to be very metal, but the industrial, melancholy, synth rock you would excpect to hear on a gorrilaz record gave me a pleasent surprise, with ‘Dear World,’ standing out as a very enjoyable listening experience. It is also a deviation from the Marilyn Manson tainted love style Mr. Self destruct or the entirely unique mush of genres in Closer that sounds like Red Hot Chilli Peppers with distorted vocals and more bass. The only mediocre song is the Public Image Limited style, psychotic ‘She’s gone away’. It worked in Metal box because it was original, but if some of the songs by black crowes are any indication of how that only works once and only when attempted by John Lydon. So please don’t do that in the rest of the album.

Rating: 8/10



Black Veil Brides have barely changed since their rise in 2010, but that’s not necessarily bad. Each attempt takes their successes and build on them, and the new addition seems to be better riffs at 0:30 and slightly better guitar work. But it is more polished than the last album, and I have confidence that each single will build on the successes and experiment with subtle yet effective changes. The most likely outcome is that it will leave most people thinking that this is better than the epic album that was the wretched and the divine but not being able to pinpoint why. Because that seems to be the way of black veil brides. To slowly build on their style until they have perfected it.

Rating: 9/10

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J Cole 4 your eyez only

Similar to the game’s 1992 in subject matter but much more melancholy and dark style than 1992. I am not disappointed with this release but it is not easy listening and It would be hard to frequently listen to this record despite it’s genuis because of the depressing undertones and at times soulful feeling that it brings with it. The messages of inequality and good in a world of bad are beautifully poignant , blended with jazz, drums and bass. It is true to the current situation in America, and strays from the hip hop cliches that we have grown so accustomed to over the past few years and tells a story that is true unlike  Kanye pretending there are no problems or Drake rapping about his own wants. It is a rare album that tells the truth about society, an album about the problems of the human race, an album with emotion and heart, an album that doesn’t whine about how said rapper is so good. I plan to buy this album, which I don’t usually fo with hip hop albums but this is too good to pass

Rating :9/10