Earth. – A poem

DISCLAIMER: This poem was written in a darker place. I’m much better now but I still wanted to share this because it’s one of my best in my opinion.


The man walked back to silent town,

The echoes they came crashing down,

Oh mother nature wept away,

Silence screamed day by day.


The man was the last of his kind

He had left everything behind,

The time of humans come to past

Now he could rest at last.


But no he did not shed a tear,

For his death, the man did not fear,

The sky shone orange, red and blue,

When the sun came down he knew,


That mankind would not rise to see,

The rolling hills and luscious green

Saw the home in which he was born

And yet he did mourn.


He lay in grass, let go of life

He let go of all of his strife,

Pain, anguish, misery, sorrow,

All gone by tomorrow.


And the universe took him away,

Back to the dust, the earth, the clay,

He rose up to the blinding light,

Would never again have to fight,


Finally made peace with the end

And death was just around the bend

The sun went out, the sky went dark,

And so he returned to the stars.



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