The Rock-Rap Fusion of Aerosmith and Run-DMC

Sorry…probably don't have time for a post today so I'm just reblogging this great post I found. Anyway, hope you enjoy it and see you tomorrow.

Old time rock and roll

Aerosmith manager, Tim Collins received a call in 1986 that would not only impact Aerosmith and Run-DMC, but the music game as a whole. On the line was 22 year-old Hip Hop producer and entrepreneur behind Def Jam Recordings, Rick Rubin. Rubin grew up loving Rock music and listened to the likes of AC/DC, Ted Nugent, and (you guessed it) Aerosmith.

Rubin witnessed the numerous difficulties Rap music was experiencing throughout the 80’s. In an attempt to have Rap perceived as legitimate genre of music and have it be accepted by the general public, Rubin approached Aerosmith with the idea of a collaboration.

Aerosmith, whom achieved chart topping success throughout the 1970’s, was now withstanding an outstanding decline in record sales and in popularity. “Walk This Way” was originally released in 1975 and happened to be Aerosmith’s last Billboard top 10 single. While performing on tour, lead singer Steven Tyler…

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Somewhere Else #9

I know, I know. Holiday ramblings was meant to come tonight. But I didn't have time, so it's coming in the morning (eastern standard time). Meanwhile, here's a great poem by DumCheese to fill the space.

Rileys Backpack

Sunlight is draped over the room

In it comes, with the force of a typhoon

Those who thought to stare down it’s rays

Only ended up in a blind daze

On and on, day after day, week after week

Somewhere always felt the sun peek

Though often personified, it remained emotionless

Though never aware, it helped relieve stress

Though less appreciated, it kept doing it’s job

Through thick and thin, it will never stop

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The Rise Of Indian Indie

I wasn't sure what to post leading up to holiday ramblings tonight, but I found this great piece on TheIndianIndieHead that I highly recommend you go check out. Here it is.


The Alternative Music movement since its inception in the late 80s has reached out to every corner of the world today and of late, the Indian indie music scene has been it’s best and most diverse in years. Many of the early 60s classic rock legends such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds and The Byrds were heavily influenced by Indian Classical music as a method of reinforcing psychedelia in their music. Rock music had not yet entered the realm of popular music in India until the mid-90s as much of the 80s music was Bollywood Pop Music infused with disco. A parallel can be drawn to the new wave synth-pop music of the 80s in the west with the Bollywood disco of India. Just as Raga Rock gave rise to the forever evolving psychedelic sounds of experimental rock bands of today, the new wave help shape one…

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