Random spewing of thoughts #36: Snow Day and then school the next day (ft. crippling depression)

Snow day! And then no snow day.


Holding Out Your Hand

Since I’m feeling in a poem-y kind of mood, here’s a reblog of a Blade Runner 2049 inspired poem I found.

Smoke words every day.

A monochromatic answer to my
neon glow query
A laugh that distils rebuke
to my naive little worry
Nothing really happened
according to you
while I was battling with gigantic spacecrafts
filled with aliens from the galaxy of assumptions
and suddenly
The surroundings turned orange
I walked passively beyond your magnetic repulsion
and found myself free of all that you are
A black hole that sucks in my brightest day
A tsunami that drowns what I’ve built for myself

You realise that something did happen
and walked with a purpose towards me
while I lost mine
The dust-storm turned from orange to grey
and the momentary peace turned into a lasting anomaly
of me turning back towards you,
Watching you make the effort I’d always wanted you to

We walk towards each other
The centre of which has a broken Roman statue
That held its hand towards nothingness
still hoping…

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100 follower special part 2: Announcements about the blog.

So, we come to the next part of the 100 follower special. This post will be outlining all of the changes I will be making to the blog over the next couple of weeks.No reblogs unless I have no time to write a post.Small Blogger spotlight will be posted at random intervals.Cosmetic overhaul of the …

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