Album Review: Kali Uchis – Isolation

This is the best RnB album since Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black, and it even channels Back To Black on songs like Feel Like a Fool. It’s a mix of RnB and Latin-pop with synths and Damon Albarn and it’s absolutely infectious without losing any of the great sounds or quality, as that tends to happen a lot of the time nowadays with super catchy songs. After hearing After the storm, the main single from the album, I couldn’t wait for the full album, and boy was I satisfied.

It’s got some beautiful production which really compliments Kali’s amazing vocals. The instrumentation is really great, and the lyrics are not bad at all either. In fact, I can’t think of negatives for any of the songs besides Nuestro Planeta, which I thought was a bit too far on the pop side, but I still liked the song as a whole.

Definitely the best tracks on here are After The Storm, Feel Like a fool and Body Language, which is basically the most perfect sounding song ever (not saying it’s the best or most clever, it just sounds that way (also I’m probably exaggerating a bit)) with the minimalist drums, what I think is a flute solo, and some of the best vocal delivery on the album.

The album transitions between the tracks effortlessly and perfectly, and can be appreciated as individual songs and also as an album, which is something even great albums find it hard to do.

And ironically, despite the fact that Kali made her name as a featuring artist, there are several great features on here like Damon Albarn on In my dreams, Jorja Smith on Tyrant and Bootsy Collins and Tyler, The Creator on After the storm. Kali seems to have great chemistry with literally anyone who jumps on one of her tracks and that’s pretty unique.

Anyway, if you’re into pop, Soulful RnB or just want to listen to something really good (in my opinion) and original, give this a shot

Rating: 9.5/10

Best tracks: Feel like a fool, Body Language, After the storm

Worst tracks: Nuestro Planeta (that’s the only one and it’s not even that bad)


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