Holding Out Your Hand

Since I’m feeling in a poem-y kind of mood, here’s a reblog of a Blade Runner 2049 inspired poem I found.

Smoke words every day.

A monochromatic answer to my
neon glow query
A laugh that distils rebuke
to my naive little worry
Nothing really happened
according to you
while I was battling with gigantic spacecrafts
filled with aliens from the galaxy of assumptions
and suddenly
The surroundings turned orange
I walked passively beyond your magnetic repulsion
and found myself free of all that you are
A black hole that sucks in my brightest day
A tsunami that drowns what I’ve built for myself

You realise that something did happen
and walked with a purpose towards me
while I lost mine
The dust-storm turned from orange to grey
and the momentary peace turned into a lasting anomaly
of me turning back towards you,
Watching you make the effort I’d always wanted you to

We walk towards each other
The centre of which has a broken Roman statue
That held its hand towards nothingness
still hoping…

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Bandcamp: A DIY Music Paradise

Here’s a great post about BandCamp!

Hope you enjoy!

Turntable talk

The fact that Bandcamp basically helped a 24-year-old get signed to a major indie label is making me wonder why it took me so long to pursue their talented offerings. And what a plethora there is.

My recent finds are those of the lo-fi/indie pop/bedroom pop variety (which I feel matches quite well with the do-it-yourself attitude of Bandcamp itself) and come from all over the globe. That may be one of my favourite things about Bandcamp-you’re getting direct access and a chance to support worldwide creations that aren’t getting played on your typical, local alternative radio stations.

Here are a few highlights I’ve found in the past few days:

1.) “We’re Not Just Friends” by Parks, Squares and Alleys

Already I love this artist for not using the Oxford comma in their name, but besides my AP Style preferences this track is more like a dream sequence of walking…

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Can’t post right now, here’s a great poem!

Randoms by a Random

IMG_0705.JPGIt is we who buy the guns and we who pull the trigger.

It is we who make the bombs, and we who set its timer.

It is we who pay the price, carve the knife, pierce it into another.

It is we who take the drink, drive the car, crash our brothers.

The gun has no brain and neither the bomb,
The drink has no restraint, neither a knife.

It is we who make the choice, choosing evil over the better,

It is we who wreck humans and wonder where humanity’s gone?

Facebook page: words of a random

the above image was gotten from PInterest

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Save Our Domain!

So, a proper post will be coming this morning, but I wanted to share this with you if any of you can help. I personally can’t donate, but if you can, then go to the post, where there will be a link to the Riley’s Backpack GoFundMe page.

Riley's Backpack

Hello there you hopefully generous donors. Tonight we are here to pander to you, as we don’t have any money to keep the domain “rileysbackpack.com”. On September 3rd, it will expire and anyone who visits rileysbackpack.com won’t get to the blog, and those who go to the regular site will get ads again! The URL will be lengthened back to rileysbackpack.wordpress.com and ads will start appearing on posts regularly again from WordPress. While we understand that keeping our shortened version and staying free of ads is a largely unneeded luxury, we would like to save you all the time from typing those extra few characters if you ever actually access the blog through the website and the happiness of not seeing ads on our posts.

As of now, we have 3 days until rileysbackack.com will turn to rileysbackpack.wordpress.com, and the ads will return.

So to address this issue, Jamie suggested…

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Reblog: Cheap Music! (Terms and Conditions Apply): The Rise and Fall of Album of the Month Clubs

Considering yesterday’s post was about the Rough Trade album club, I decided why not share this great post by every record tells a story.

Hope you enjoy!

Every record tells a story

If you are old enough, cast your mind back to adverts in 1980’s magazines. You may remember the following:

1. Franklin Mint’s offer for readers to invest monthly in a set of twelve potentially priceless butter dishes celebrating the fairy tale, and no doubt everlasting, marriage of Charles and Diana for just £23.95 +p&p each,

2. a cartoon advert for Bazooka Joe bubblegum,

3. an incredible offer from the Britannia Music Club.

The latter advert offered three albums by popular artists for just £1.49 each (plus p&p). This was a substantial discount, and acted like a Pied Piper to the pocket money of the nation’s youth. Stung into action by the chance of ludicrously discounted records, they posted freepost coupons in their droves with little heed to a) small print or indeed b) their parent’s knowledge.

The offer was a trap: attached was the promise of a “handbook” to explain…

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Reblog: Playlist: My Mixtape #19 Clear TDK 90

Just quickly sharing a great mixtape by a great blogger. Hope you like it!


I really wanted to get to number two zero last month for my mixtape project but off course didn’t and this is the first one this month which we are now half already. So my mid-week blog post is one closer to twenty! It’s got 99 in black pen on the top right corner so that’s the year 1999? Then also written is the very informative two words of “some songs” in very small letters. That’s really helpful, what else is it going to be is what I want to know?

Side A:

#1. Matt WalkerAll By Myself 

#2. Matt WalkerListen To The Night

Opening two tracks from his debut album from the late-90’s by under rated Aussie slide guitar player Matt Walker which I can’t find him on YouTube but the whole album is on bandcamp to listen too, if you wanna?

#3. Jeff Lang

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The Rock-Rap Fusion of Aerosmith and Run-DMC

Sorry…probably don't have time for a post today so I'm just reblogging this great post I found. Anyway, hope you enjoy it and see you tomorrow.

Old time rock and roll

Aerosmith manager, Tim Collins received a call in 1986 that would not only impact Aerosmith and Run-DMC, but the music game as a whole. On the line was 22 year-old Hip Hop producer and entrepreneur behind Def Jam Recordings, Rick Rubin. Rubin grew up loving Rock music and listened to the likes of AC/DC, Ted Nugent, and (you guessed it) Aerosmith.

Rubin witnessed the numerous difficulties Rap music was experiencing throughout the 80’s. In an attempt to have Rap perceived as legitimate genre of music and have it be accepted by the general public, Rubin approached Aerosmith with the idea of a collaboration.

Aerosmith, whom achieved chart topping success throughout the 1970’s, was now withstanding an outstanding decline in record sales and in popularity. “Walk This Way” was originally released in 1975 and happened to be Aerosmith’s last Billboard top 10 single. While performing on tour, lead singer Steven Tyler…

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Somewhere Else #9

I know, I know. Holiday ramblings was meant to come tonight. But I didn't have time, so it's coming in the morning (eastern standard time). Meanwhile, here's a great poem by DumCheese to fill the space.

Riley's Backpack

Sunlight is draped over the room

In it comes, with the force of a typhoon

Those who thought to stare down it’s rays

Only ended up in a blind daze

On and on, day after day, week after week

Somewhere always felt the sun peek

Though often personified, it remained emotionless

Though never aware, it helped relieve stress

Though less appreciated, it kept doing it’s job

Through thick and thin, it will never stop

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It seems to me we spend our whole lives waiting – Cristian Mihai

Found this post on Cristian Mihai’s blog, and it’s really great. Definitely worth a read.

Cristian Mihai

It seems to me that we spend most of our lives waiting. For some mystical alignment of the stars to create the life we’ve always imagined for ourselves. For someone to come into our lives and make us unimaginably happy.

We imagine into existence a certain future we deem ourselves worthy of experiencing but we never do anything to actually create it.

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