Record store day 2018: J dilla – Ruff Draft (The Dilla Mix) and more

There’s something that feels so good about waking up on a Saturday and getting to the record store at opening time (8AM), then standing in a line for 2 and a half hours to get limited edition records. It just felt awesome when I finally got it. Anyway, this day is about supporting indie record stores, so check out Rough Trade, especially Rough Trade West, which is the one I go to. raked up all of my money to get the Dilla mix of Ruff Draft by J Dilla, which is a 2LP expanded edition of the 2003 EP:

which features the original version and the Dilla Mix:

which features alternate production, mixes, tracks and tracklisting and higher fidelity. It comes with a download card and a booklet about both the creation of the album and the lengths that were gone to make the reissue, as well as some photos:

I also got some free promo stuff like this great single:

and this sample CD for heavenly records:

If you did it, how was your Record Store Day? I’d love to know!


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