Well hi there (update post + debut album announcmentt)

I haven’t posted in a while, have I? Well I’m back now, after about a month, and I’ve got a couple of announcments to make.

First of all, I’m going to restructure the entire blog. I feel like there’s no point in making throwaway reviews that don’t actually introduce anyone to anything and random spewing of thougts and will be focusing entirely on essays on music art and politics, poems and other proper creative pieces. My posting schedule will be reduced to once a week, but I will work on the posts over the entire week before posting at the end/start of the week. Also, I removed a hundred posts. I removed the song promotions, the s**tposts, the pretentious rants about pop music that are downright condescending and anything else that wasn’t good enough. I still have most of my reviews, the classic Muffin Monday series and most of the random spewing of thoughts, but that’s where the rest of them have gone, not that you’ll notice because no one reads them.

I haven’t released any music for two reasons. Number one, I might get the full copy of Fl Studio 20 for my birthday, so there’s no point of making anything on Fl mobile, which is what I currently use. I have been doing guitar writing, but I’ve never written a guitar song before by myself so I’m still learning about structuring riffs and stuff. Number two, I’m releasing a full length album. It’ll be somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour. This won’t be like beats from outer space, and will have a proper cover, lyrics and vocals in every song, a theme lyrically and musically, a couple physical copies, guest features and much more guitar and piano. I’ll give updates frequently but it probably won’t be out for several months. This time I’ll also release it via Bandcamp. I’m not sure what style it’ll be but if you want an idea, here’s some stuff it MIGHT sound like:

Mura Masa – Self Titled album (Love$ick and What if i go in particular)

Brockhampton – Saturation 1/2/3 (Face in particular)

A$AP Rocky – The Kids Turned Out Fine / Changes (From Testing… their new album which I’m not going to review cause I dont do that anymore but you should definitely listen to if you want to hear an experimental take on trap and new wave rap although these particular tracks aren’t really rap at all and more like if A$AP Rocky did indie songs)

Anyway, just a short post to let everyone know what I’ve been doing. I’ll start my new schedule today.


4 thoughts on “Well hi there (update post + debut album announcmentt)

  1. Hey Legendary Randomness! You entered your song “Imperfection EP” into the Camster Origami Blogger Awards. I am nearly finished crafting the video that names the nominees and winners. Would you email me a file for the song so I could play it as your name is called? If you don’t want to, that is fine, I have a theme song (from iMovie) chosen for you. I simply wanted to use it for the Best Song Award.

    email: captaincam27@gmail.com


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