Reblog: Playlist: My Mixtape #19 Clear TDK 90

Just quickly sharing a great mixtape by a great blogger. Hope you like it!


I really wanted to get to number two zero last month for my mixtape project but off course didn’t and this is the first one this month which we are now half already. So my mid-week blog post is one closer to twenty! It’s got 99 in black pen on the top right corner so that’s the year 1999? Then also written is the very informative two words of “some songs” in very small letters. That’s really helpful, what else is it going to be is what I want to know?

Side A:

#1. Matt WalkerAll By Myself 

#2. Matt WalkerListen To The Night

Opening two tracks from his debut album from the late-90’s by under rated Aussie slide guitar player Matt Walker which I can’t find him on YouTube but the whole album is on bandcamp to listen too, if you wanna?

#3. Jeff Lang

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Reblog: Tim Burgess’ Great Vinyl Adventure

I discovered this amazing blogger via today's round of WordPress' Discover posts and I highly suggest all of you check him out. Here's one of his posts.

Every record tells a story

Tim Burgess. You may know him as the lead singer of The Charlatans, readily recognisable from his shock of blond pudding-bowl-shaped hair and singer of some of the best songs of the last twenty-odd years.

You may also know Burgess as a prominent contributor to Twitter, or from his own brand of fairtrade coffee (Tim Peaks), his record label (O Genesis) or as author of a 2012 memoir (“Telling Stories”). He has even arranged for London’s tube map to be re-written with Charlatans albums as tube lines and Charlatans songs for tube station names.

I don’t know Burgess per se, but I did recently win one of his frequent competitions on Twitter having been rather fortunately chosen at random. The prize was some artwork by Pete Fowler (Monsterism, Super Furry Animals) for Burgess’ latest book. Both artwork and book are really rather wonderful.

(There was even a bonus sketch by…

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The Rock-Rap Fusion of Aerosmith and Run-DMC

Sorry…probably don't have time for a post today so I'm just reblogging this great post I found. Anyway, hope you enjoy it and see you tomorrow.

Old time rock and roll

Aerosmith manager, Tim Collins received a call in 1986 that would not only impact Aerosmith and Run-DMC, but the music game as a whole. On the line was 22 year-old Hip Hop producer and entrepreneur behind Def Jam Recordings, Rick Rubin. Rubin grew up loving Rock music and listened to the likes of AC/DC, Ted Nugent, and (you guessed it) Aerosmith.

Rubin witnessed the numerous difficulties Rap music was experiencing throughout the 80’s. In an attempt to have Rap perceived as legitimate genre of music and have it be accepted by the general public, Rubin approached Aerosmith with the idea of a collaboration.

Aerosmith, whom achieved chart topping success throughout the 1970’s, was now withstanding an outstanding decline in record sales and in popularity. “Walk This Way” was originally released in 1975 and happened to be Aerosmith’s last Billboard top 10 single. While performing on tour, lead singer Steven Tyler…

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