Dumb and Dumber

I finally got around to watching this movie this weekend and here is what i thought of it:

This is a very good movie. However, the mediocre ending leaves a slightly bitter taste. The first act has the charm of any good comedy and delivers laughs. However, it is the middle that truly brings out the best of the movie and lives up to the cult status. The famously improvised scene in which the duo enfuriate the agent trying to infiltrate them is gold, and the barrel of laughter continues, delivering the movie into it’s final act. It is at this point when the script gives in, the comedy frequent but not particularly rememberable par a few moments, when the best parts could have just been mashed together while cutting the unnecessary footage. The road trip aspect of the movie is when it delivers the best, the mishaps and idiocies of the pair creating one of the best performances in 90’s cinema. The movie has barely aged at all, the movie feeling grounded within the 21st century as much as the 90’s.

First act: 8.5/10

Second Act: 10/10

Third Act: 7.5/10

Movie Rating:9/10