Original poem/song lyrics: War pt.2

A sequel to my fairly recent original poem / lyrics for a song about war and the consequences.



Don’t have time for a post now, here’s a poem about vinyl!

Doug Hoekstra

Remaining with the theme of the previous post….


Lately I’ve been
Listening to old records,
Guilty pleasures
Lovingly encased in plastic,
Stored away in dusty places
I never thought I’d visit again…

Unwittingly the needle drops,
Bringing back moments
Painted and cast
Anticipated nights
Long drives long forgotten
Girls and worlds, to be touched again

It’s funny how a chord or
A melody that lingers
Brings you back in time
Effortlessly. Moon River.
Wichita Lineman. Songs
I didn’t even know I liked

Can make me cry
Even when they skip
Nostalgia fades away
But I still can’t understand
The boy who was standing
In the mirror so many years ago

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Holding Out Your Hand

Since I’m feeling in a poem-y kind of mood, here’s a reblog of a Blade Runner 2049 inspired poem I found.

Smoke words every day.

A monochromatic answer to my
neon glow query
A laugh that distils rebuke
to my naive little worry
Nothing really happened
according to you
while I was battling with gigantic spacecrafts
filled with aliens from the galaxy of assumptions
and suddenly
The surroundings turned orange
I walked passively beyond your magnetic repulsion
and found myself free of all that you are
A black hole that sucks in my brightest day
A tsunami that drowns what I’ve built for myself

You realise that something did happen
and walked with a purpose towards me
while I lost mine
The dust-storm turned from orange to grey
and the momentary peace turned into a lasting anomaly
of me turning back towards you,
Watching you make the effort I’d always wanted you to

We walk towards each other
The centre of which has a broken Roman statue
That held its hand towards nothingness
still hoping…

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