On Monday June 18th 2018 we lost a young legend. Triple x will always hold a special place in my heart for his openness on mental illness and he helped me through some dark times. I stand by what I said in my review of ? . He would have been the new pac and there were songs that he made that stand out to me as masterpieces on a pac level like I spoke to the devil, Snow, Skin, Slipknot, Jocelyn Flores, you name it. And I guess he fulfilled that prophecy of becoming pac in the most heartbreaking way, taken too soon in the same way as Pac. But his music will always live on in my heart as something that honestly helped me feel not so alone through some hard times in my life with his openness on mental illness and depression. And now he’s gone at age 20, senselessly shot to death for no reason. He had dreams, and he was becoming the good person he always was inside. He was an inspiration. He was an absolute inspiration. All he ever did was spread positivity and love to everyone. And I know he’ll never get to know the impact he has had on me as a person but I can say from the bottom of my heart that he has made me a better person and helped me become better at not only loving others but trying to love myself. I know X did some terrible things, I’m not going to dodge that, but he became a better person and I believe that anyone can be forgiven if they genuinely become a better person, and I truly believe X did. And regardless of how you feel about X, separating art from the artist and forgiveness, you cannot argue with how tragic this is. X will never get his life back. That was it. And just saying that to myself is heartbreaking. I’d like to end with this statement from Triple x:

“Alright let’s say worst thing comes to worst, I die a tragic death and I’m not able to see out my dreams. I at least want to know that the kids perceived my message and were able to make something of themselves and able to take my message and use it and turn it into something positive and to at least have a good life. If I’m gonna die I want to make sure that my life my life made at least 5 million kids happy. Or they found some sort of answers or resolve in my life regardless of the negatives around my name, regardless of the bad things people say to me because I know my goal in the end and I know what I want for everyone and I know what my message is. So I just wanted to say, I appreciate and love all of you and I believe in you all. Do not let your depression make you.”

good vibes forever

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