Crate digging #3: Soul Of a Nation – Art In The Age Of Black Power companion CD

A post about a jazz, soul and funk compilation album from the new Tate Modern exhibit, Soul Of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power Click through to read post...


Save Our Domain!

So, a proper post will be coming this morning, but I wanted to share this with you if any of you can help. I personally can’t donate, but if you can, then go to the post, where there will be a link to the Riley’s Backpack GoFundMe page.

Riley's Backpack

Hello there you hopefully generous donors. Tonight we are here to pander to you, as we don’t have any money to keep the domain “”. On September 3rd, it will expire and anyone who visits won’t get to the blog, and those who go to the regular site will get ads again! The URL will be lengthened back to and ads will start appearing on posts regularly again from WordPress. While we understand that keeping our shortened version and staying free of ads is a largely unneeded luxury, we would like to save you all the time from typing those extra few characters if you ever actually access the blog through the website and the happiness of not seeing ads on our posts.

As of now, we have 3 days until will turn to, and the ads will return.

So to address this issue, Jamie suggested…

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100 follower special part 2: Announcements about the blog.

So, we come to the next part of the 100 follower special. This post will be outlining all of the changes I will be making to the blog over the next couple of weeks.No reblogs unless I have no time to write a post.Small Blogger spotlight will be posted at random intervals.Cosmetic overhaul of the …

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