Batman: The Dark Knight review

I can see why everyone hated Batman.vs.Superman:dawn of justice. Because they were hoping for another Dark Knight, and they had set their expectations so high that Batman.vs.Superman was doomed to be shunned by lovers of The Dark Knight. I’m lucky, because i watched Batman.vs.Superman before I watched The Dark Knight, and therefore, I got to see it as a family good movie, so my expectations were lower when I watched The Dark Knight, and I was blown away. Ledgers performance as the Joker was the best I have ever seen in any movie ever, and I could watch ten movies with his Joker and not be the slightest bit bored.  His cold showmanship and insanity hidden by a dark intelligence, and compared to the Joker, Lex Luthor is a hero. He is crazy, and he embraces his madness. This movie is a perfect representation of what happens when society is torn is torn apart, and shows the best of humanity while simultaneously showcasing the worst. Every moment of symbolism, every explosion and every death carries an emotion that no movie has ever replicated. Every character has its own dynamic and the amount of raw emotion the people of Gotham produce is unparalleled, every single civillian, policeman and villain acting so well that in any other movie, they would have won 20 different awards for it.

Joker’s power is a joy to watch as he plays with the lives of millions and is always in true control of both himself and the people trying to stop him, Commisioner/Officer Gordon’s utter anger at the fact that he knows he is being manipulated and nothing can help him, and the slow twisting of Harvey Dent’s mind is thrilling.

If you haven’t watched this movie, do it now. Sell all your belongings if you have to, just watch it

First act:10/10

Second act:10/10

Final act:10/10

Whole movie:10/10