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Reblog: Vinyl Me? Please…

Vinyl post coming soon, just wanted to show you this great post by Every record tells a story.

Every record tells a story

With 1980’s Album of the Month Clubs such as Columbia House (USA) and The Britannia Music Club (UK) having gone the way of the Commodore 64, typewriter ribbons and Roland Rat you’d be forgiven for raising an eyebrow or three at the idea of a record subscription service revival.

However, no matter how many eyebrows you might raise, there are still plenty of people out there who are looking to resurrect the idea.

At first glance this all seems rather strange. Album of the month clubs were a way to build an album collection quickly, hopefully cheaply and easily, with punters often taking “recommendations” from the club itself based on nothing more than ticking either “pop”, “rock” or “classical” on a preference form.

With YouTube and Spotify using algorithms based on your listening habits, “discovering music” through a generalist, remote, non-personalised service seems all a bit, well, 1985. You might…

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