Somewhere Else #9

I know, I know. Holiday ramblings was meant to come tonight. But I didn't have time, so it's coming in the morning (eastern standard time). Meanwhile, here's a great poem by DumCheese to fill the space.

Rileys Backpack

Sunlight is draped over the room

In it comes, with the force of a typhoon

Those who thought to stare down it’s rays

Only ended up in a blind daze

On and on, day after day, week after week

Somewhere always felt the sun peek

Though often personified, it remained emotionless

Though never aware, it helped relieve stress

Though less appreciated, it kept doing it’s job

Through thick and thin, it will never stop

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Ghosts — Nisha’s Corner

Ghosts I’m surrounded by unfamiliar faces With smiles and laughter but speaking a different language Tried to lend a helping hand for better understanding Not realizing the crook who was trying to do the stealing Was bluffing through his hand throughout the whole dealing Fooled the hell out me thinking things were cool and copacetic […] …

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