Music recommendations deluxe edition

I know my posting has gone drown the drain recently. For some readon, a 3 week easter break means less posting, but whatever. I’m not going to promise daily posting anymore, although I’ll try make it to daily sometime in the future. I could just say that I’ve had to focus on my upcoming boom-bap/90’s hip hop beattape, which I have, but I could have posted easily if I wasn’t lazy. Anyway, hi! It’s been a while! I’ve mainly just been listening to a massive amount of music, so here’s my reccomendations:

  • J Dilla – Reckless driving / Crushin’ (yeeeeeeeah)
  • Bootsy Collins – Worth My While (ft. Kali Uchis)
  • MF DOOM / Czarface – Nautical Depth
  • T.L Barret – Father I stretch my hands (sampled by Kanye on Father Stretch my hands pt.1 and 2 on the life of pablo)
  • Kevin Abstract – EMPTY
  • Janelle monae – Make Me Feel/Just Like that
  • Kendrick Lamar – The blacker the berry
  • Kamasi Washington – The Space Travellers Lullaby
  • Tyler, The Creator – OKRA
  • Kali Uchis – Flight 22
  • JPEGMAFIA – Does this ski mask make me look fat? (Ft. Heno)
  • Death Grips – Break mirrors with my face in the united states
  • A.A.L – This old house is all I have
  • Bishop Nehru – Rooftops (prod. MF DOOM)
  • Earl Sweatshirt – Faucet
  • The cure – Inbetween Days
  • The weekend – Call out my name
  • Just Dumb Enough To Try – Father John Misty
  • People will always need coal – Public Service broadcasting
  • The cut off – J cole (ft. Kill edward)

Hope you find something!


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