The art of making a good movie

Hollywood seems so focused on the blockbusters these days. And finally, their formula of establishing a franchise and then riding off a big name with mediocre is breaking down, with Justice League projected to lose $100 Million. So maybe it’s time to teach Hollywood the art of making a good movie.

Treat Sequels like Video game DLC

Don’t try to set a movie up for a sequel. It makes it feel like something integral has been removed from the plot. If your enjoyment of a movie revolves around understanding a prequel, well then it’s not a good movie. Sequels have to respect and build upon an existing movie, while working as a standalone piece. Unless you are making an epic like Lord Of The Rings, you’re probably not going to make a good movie.

And even Lord If The Rings has it’s flaws (ahem…3 part Hobbit movie).

Don’t reboot good movies

Why would you reboot Ghostbusters? The original ghostbusters is a classic. You can’t possibly improve. Another example? Spider-Man. I feel like Spider Man Homecoming was necessary just to right the wrongs of Amazing Spider Man, a pointless franchise that turned a great series into a terrible one. Why don’t you reboot Transformers? Nobody over the age of 9 likes it anyway right now. Get a better director, stop focusing on the humans, stop lazy directing and write a better story.

Get better directors

No more Michael Bay. Get Edgar Wright, Taika Waiti and Denis Villinueve to direct your movies. Director’s are rarely selling points for movies because the directors aren’t that good. You want an example. Thor: Ragnarok. I wasn’t planning to watch that but then I found out Taika Waiti was the director and I instantly changed my mind. At this point, I won’t watch a Marvel film unless it’s special despite being a diehard fan of Marvel for years.

Riskiness will be rewarded

If you make risky films that might not turn a profit, you will make a lot of profit. Because while there may be some risky movies that lose money, you will end up making movies widely regarded as classics like Star Wars every couple years, and you will be rewarded greatly.

Don’t treat films like a way to gain money

Movies aren’t some stupid way to gain money. Make art for the money, and you won’t get any. Make art for the art, and you will get money as a result of your hard work.

Of course, Hollywood will do none of these things and we’ll just have to boycott them and watch indie films instead.


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