A look back at my terrible drafts.

I love criticising things. Movies, books, games, Music, for a good half a year it’s all I ever did on my blog. So why not criticise myself and my laughable drafts / soon to be binned posts.

Let’s start with plain terrible:

This one’s actually fairly recent. I have no idea what on earth I was thinking because it’s a terrible post. I think I just did it to make a joke about Buzzfeed. If you can call it a joke. You probably can’t.

Move on to laughable:

Oh how things have changed.

And then Pretentious:

This one would actually be good if I didn’t sound so pretentious like I’ve been studying film for 3 years or something. At some point I might make this a lot better and post it, but for now, I’m leaving it where it is.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post,


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