My favourite band: King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

This band is truly amazing. From the psychedelic elevator music of Sketches of Brunswick East to the middle eastern prog on Flying Microtonal Banana to the looping post-prog of Nonagon Infinity, their discography is rife with experimental, weird music that never disappoints.

And the only thing more surprising than the fact that they have 12 albums that are all classics is that they release 2 classic albums. A year. And in 2017, which is arguably their best year, they have made 4 albums with another one coming before the end of year.

Oh, well they may have released 12 albums in the 4 years of their existence, but surely that’s all. Nope.


They release their music on their own label, and with their new record Polygondwanaland, you can do whatever you want with it. No. Not joking. There is no copyright on the album, and the album is available for free. They also provide detailed instructions on how to make CD and Vinyl editions, with links to extra album artwork and vinyl masters.

Now, naturally wanting to take advantage of this, I downloaded the entire album in .wav (premium quality) format and downloaded all of the 30+ liner notes / lyrics / other art. I’m making a CD version because why not?

I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who likes prog, psych folk, free jazz, middle Eastern music, small bands, or just want something new.

You want me to define them as one genre? Okay, how about this:


Okay, that sounds a bit pretentious, but you get the point.

Anyway, check out this band.

Here’s a link to their webpage with all of the downloads / masters:

Here’s a link to the full album on Youtube:

Here’s a link to their Wikipedia Page:



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