Quick Playlist: New discoveries

This playlist is a compilation of some stuff I discovered while I was in Wales. It mostly consists of a lot of super long dance tracks.

1. Equinox (Heavenly club mix) – Code 718 

This track is from a shared favourite tracks playlist me and my dad have. It is fairly long (10 minutes) and is from the famous dance label Strictly Rhythm

2. Hideaway (deep dish club 12″ remix) – Not sure who by

This and the next track are from a compilation of dance tracks called the easy street records anthology. Just like track 1, it’s pretty long, clocking just about 12 minutes.

3. Go deh yaka (go to the top) – Not sure who by

As I said, this is part of the easy streets records anthology, but its sound is wildly different from hideway, and it has a sort of dub vibe to some of it. It is a lot shorter than hideway, and I mean it’s 6 minutes long, but it’s half the length of hideway.

4. Im rauch – Bohren and der club of gore

This is different. It’s this super relaxing song that blends noir jazz and ambient sounscapes. It’s also really good if you can’t get to sleep. I discovered Bohren and der club of gore on a vinyl channel on YouTube called VinylEyezz, who was talking about a vinyl release of another album by them, Sunset Mission. 

5. You used to hold me so tight (Original 12″ mix) – Thelma Houston

I literally just discovered this song five seconds ago. It’s an amazing song. So go listen to it now.

Anyway, I’ve got 7 percent left, so for now,


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