Random spewing of thoughts #18: Mid-trip in Wales

I’m currently on a bus on my way to go down a coal mine, trying to drown my classmates playing Imagine Dragons with a full volume Twenty One pilots marathon. Then later today, I’m going to go swimming in a lake.
So yeah, I can’t exactly call my life uninteresting. 

There’s a piano in the place we’re staying, which makes free time more interesting, but I keep on getting humiliated by this kid who is 2 grades above me and composes like a boss. 

We do history in the mornings, and swimming / canoeing in the afternoons, and we get back so late that we end up going to sleep anywhere between 10:30 and 1:00 in the morning. Now, for someone who likes their sleep it’s a bit strenuous. 

Here’s a photo I took an hour ago near an abandoned church:

The view’s not bad, eh? 

Ok, we went down the coal mine. It was kinda interesting so I’m adding a picture here:

And after that, our teachers let us go shopping and I bought this Manic Street Preachers CD. And turns out that my teachers were happy to play it, but my classmates…not so much.😂

Anyway, thanks for reading, and for now,


9 thoughts on “Random spewing of thoughts #18: Mid-trip in Wales

  1. This sounds like a wonderful trip, perfect combo of educational and fun. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to go down into a coal mine. Could you please share more pix? Thanks!😎Byeeee…

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  2. Oh man oh man do I feel you on trying to drown out your classmates blasting Imagine Dragons.
    On my recent class trip to London, my classmates were far from pleased at my tendency to stick my earbuds in and listen to my tunes any chance I got. But it’s not that I was trying to ignore them, I swear…I just gotta have my daily dose of listening to my tunes and zoning out for a while :p


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