My trip to Wales.

So, as you probably know, I spent the last week in Wales. It was kind of a school trip, and I say kinda because we didn't do too much learning. A.K.A. I only spent 1/3 of the time learning, and the other 2/3 going to arcades, going shopping, having bonfires, etc. etc.

As you know, I found some new music (as I talked about in my playlist of stuff I found while I was there, but I also took a lot of pictures, and I'm sharing some of them (If the alignment of the pictures looks weird it's cause I'm using a beta version of the upcoming IOS WordPress update):

This photo is blurry, but I liked the way it came out:

This one isn't special in particular, but I posted anyway:

This one I took on a balcony of a castle, which I liked because of the fjord it's built on (I know, I'm a bit boring):

I took this picture by shoving my phone up at the window of the minibus I was on, giving it this really cool filter effect that made it look kinda dreamy:

I took this one on top of this huge mountain that took like 2 hours to walk up:

I know I featured this in my mid trip to Wales post, but I decided to feature it again, just cause':

The street where we stayed:

A stray cat that wandered around the village:

And on the shopping / music side, I bought a manic street preachers CD:

and this amazing gatefold 2LP Beatles vinyl album complete with a book of photos:

But anyway, it's nice to be back, so,

For now,


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