Father John Misty: Pure comedy review

2 days ago, I had no idea who Father John Misty was. Now, I am claiming he is the next Elton John. Pure comedy is a reminiscence of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, politically infused. His passive aggressiveness works so much better than it did for Depeche mode and their new album, which was definitely not bad, but is nowhere near as good as this album. The last time  I heard a new album as good as this was NEVER. This is the best album of the decade. Every single song is AMAZING. MOVE ASIDE BOB DYLAN, FATHER JOHN MISTY IS THE SUPERIOR SONGWRITER. He deserves a Nobel prize for this. We will look back on this decade and we will remember trump, and we will think it was a terrible decade, and then we will remember Father John Misty, and everyone will look back on the 2010’s the way they look back on the 50’s. They will compare Pure Comedy to the songs protesting against the Vietnam war. You have to listen to this. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS.

Rating: 11/10

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