Random spewing of thoughts #2

Why am I doing this again? 

Because I wanted to post and I had no ideas.

Exedcrfceriufhxdthxotdgxoeitxoieetdhxoeietdhxwo ietdhcoihcoietdhcoietdh. Poetry. That there was poetry. My brain is probably only like this because I watched the Beep Beep I’m A Sheep video too many times. I’m stuck now. I watched the first two episodes of stranger things (and like 11 episodes of the fresh prince of bel-air) I’ll probably review it soon. Anyway, I might as well enjoy my time resting before I have to go back to SCHOOL. Even though I’ll only have 2 days of school in my first week back, it shall seem like a lifetime. A lifetime spent badly.

I bet you’re waiting for a stupid gif for me to post like last time.

Well here you go

I have no idea what that is, or how I am meant to react to this, but here you go. Dancing banana. Is everyone happy now?

I hope you are.

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