Concert diaries #3: Kelela Talk + Signing

So, on Thursday, I went to see Kelela at SOAS, and I got tickets for free (yay!) because it was sponsored by Rough Trade and so tickets were part of my album of the month bundle. Anyway, she gave a very heavy talk about politics, race, gender and social conditioning. I loved it. I agreed with a lot of it, and thought it so you should expect to see an essay about it soon. After that, there was a signing of the record and hehe…

Signed vinyl…ohhhhhhh yeah. 
I also got to meet her and take a picture with her, but my parents won’t let me show it because privacy or something like that. That’s also why my name is blurred out of the cover. 
Anyway, hope you enjoyed this short post. I’ll be posting:
– A review of the album

– An essay on the talk

– And an Artist Spotlight on Kelela
soon, so stay tuned!

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