Random spewing of thoughts #17: New Jay Z and Wolf Alice releases, the best TV show ever, deleting clash royale and Twenty One Pilots’s self titled album.

I love the new Jay Z album, which is surprising to me, since the only other Jay Z songs I actually like are 03′ Bonnie and Clyde and 99 problems. But I’m really vibing with the album, and so far my favourite track is the story of O.J. It’s got a sort of Kendrick Lamar feel that I really like and it seems a lot more intellectual and thoughtful most of the other hip hop albums out right now.

 And that’s not the only new release I’m happy with this week. The new Wolf Alice single is out, and it shows how much Wolf Alice can vary in terms of style and sound, going from Yuk Foo to this track, don’t delete the kisses, which is much more similar in sound to the songs on the Blush EP and My love is cool, but is still original with a new sound.

And to celebrate the end of school, I did a TV marathon (of sorts). I watched about 2 episodes of Red Dwarf and then spent half an hour trying to find something new and I did. I found the best sitcom ever. What’s it called, you ask? The IT crowd. If any of you have watched it, you know what I mean. But anyway, I watched three episodes of the first season.

Okay, I just started listening to the self titled Twenty One Pilots album for the first time, an album I have overlooked in the past. Okay, live reaction. I really like it. A lot. Wow. That’s good. Maybe I’ll find a physical copy. What? It’s not on amazon. Maybe we can try Ebay. 1000 dollars??!!! What????!!!!!!!

Anyway, I did something a couple days ago that some of my gaming readers are not going to be very happy about. I deleted clash royale. And yes, I have a reason. It’s because I had been stuck in the same 50 trophy range for 3 months. In arena 7. So I got bored with it and I deleted it. So now I play Clash Of Clans and Injustice 2 more, which is good because I like them a lot more then I was liking Clash Royale.

Sigh…I’m really annoyed about the self titled. Maybe at some point they’ll reissue it. 

But anyway, I’ve run out of things to talk about so for now,


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