All time low: Last Young Renegade review

I’m getting mixed feelings from this album. On one hand, the album is really enjoyable, but I recognise that the lyrics aren’t that good and also All Time Low seem to be taking the same route as fall out boy:
1. Couple good albums (Infinity on high, from under the cork tree)

2. Some fairly good records that are good but lack the greatness of past record (American beauty / American Psycho, God save rock and roll )

3. Cow turd album (Young and Menace)

Now All time low seem to be at stage 2, but we can only hope they avoid stage 3.

Don’t believe me? Think about it.

Everything up to and including future hearts is stage 1, this album is stage 2 and we haven’t got to stage three yet. 

But I’m not saying this album is bad. The album artwork is GREAT, the music is GREAT, and while the lyrics aren’t better, the only pop punk band you expect to have quality lyrics are blink 182 (And no, I’m not counting emo or former emo bands like PATD!, Paramore and MCR when I say pop punk, because the lyrical style is darker and the music is slightly heavier). To be honest, there is nothing wrong about the record, but there is also not much that makes it stand out from the rest of the pop punk scene. So definitely give it a listen if you like FOB, Paramore, any of the old All Time Low albums or just want a new pop punk band / album in general.

Rating: 8 / 10


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