Muffin Monday #2

Just to give this a little bit of context for people who didn’t read the last one, Bob is a muffin who wants muffins to be treated equally so escapes from the bakery just as he is about to be eaten.

The world passed by but Bob was not happy. It had been a week since he had escaped from the bakery, but he still had no idea on how he was to free his fellow baked treats from their miserably delicious lives. He had been trying to free them from the bakery, but they would not listen and just accepted their dismal fate. He needed a sign, to show that their lives meant something. Then it struck him. He would fight the humans, and bring back the dead body of a baker to his store. So as he ventured out into the night, he readied himself for battle.
The first attack came in a dark alleyway. A raggedy homeless man tried to eat him. He got into battle stance, and lunged at the old man, harnessing his chi to make a ball of energy, and at this point, he wondered whether he was a baked treat in a series written by an 12 year old who was parodying Dragon Ball while simultaneously having an exstistential crisis and pondering the meaning of life. But he thought that was a ridiculous idea, because no-one could make a story as meaningless as this one. He then proceeded to gouge the eyes of homeless Jimmy with his wrapper, who screamed in pain and fell to the floor.
Unfortunately, Bobby was now a naked muffin.

The end. FOR NOW.


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