Gorillaz track reviews

We’ve all been waiting so long and it’s finally here. After the death of Chuck Berry, we all excpected 2017 to be just as bad as 2016. But gorillaz have created something that redeems this year. And although (in my opinion) hallelujah money is a better song then the new tracks, they have still created something that should make an album to look forward.
Andromeda is the best of the four, and contends well with previous gorillaz singles. It may not have the power of kids with guns or the lyrical value of on melancholy hill, but it has grown on me since I first heard it. I was slightly sceptical when Damon Alban came out on Radio 1 saying that the new album would be a club album, but it works very well on the track, better than Saturnz Barz, which has the strangest ideo since rock the house, which is saying something. This is kind of ruined by the collaboration.I have nothing against Popcaan or his style, but it doesn’t work brilliantly with the verses sung by 2-D. However, it’s still a solid track that deserves a couple more listens.

We got the power is quite good, but hasn’t made much impact on me. It sounds nice, but isn’t much besides that and is kind of throwaway.

So now we inally arrive at ascension. Damon Alban is almost nowhere to be seen, and it doesn’t have much value lyrically or musically. This is the only ‘bad’ track of the four and sounds too mainstream to be gorillaz.

Andromeda: 9/10

Saturn Barz: 7.5/10

We got the power: 7/10

Ascension: 3.5/10

TOTAL: 7/10

P.S: I drew the featured image

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