Fan theory: The batman movies exist in three different timelines

Think about it. In 1989’s Batman, Batman recognises the Joker as the man who kills his parents, therefore upping the stakes and securing Joker’s arch-enemy status with Joker. However in Batman begins, Bruce Wayne’s parents are killed by a homeless man who is clearly not the Joker. This leads to the conclusion that there are two DC batman universes. However, with the arrival of the lego batman, this is changed. The movie can clearly not take place in the 1989 Batman universe, because if Batman knew that Joker ha killed his parents, I think Batman would instantly recognise him as his arch-enemy, as he does in the 1989 film. However, there is one scene in the lego batman movie in which Alfred says that Batman has gone through the same period in 1966, 1992, 1995, 1997, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 1989. This lists the release dates of every single canon batman film. Therefore, in the lego Batman movie, both the 1989 and the Christopher Nolan trilogy of films. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that in the Lego Batman Movie universe, all of the movies happened but in 1989, it was not the Joker who killed his parents. But there is still the problem of continuity. Assuming the 1989 and 2005 Batman movies take place at the same period in Bruce Wayne’s life, that has a problem of two different timelines. Therefore, we have to believe that the Joker did not directly kill his parents, but sent the order. Building on to this, I think that the 1989 Batman is Batman’s origin story from the perspective of Joker’s perspective of how Bruce Wayne saw it to happen, which explains Joker killing Bruce Wayne’s parents directly. Joker pictured it this way because he was the cause of their death, and so he would visualise it like that naturally. But then how would Alfred recall something made up in the Joker’s head? Simple. Somewhere along the line, Joker probably took over the mind of Alfred, knowing well that this was the easiest way to get close to Batman and find out how to affect his life the most(how do you think he knew that killing Rachel would affect him so much in the Dark Knight?). Still don’t believe me? Alfred wasn’t present for some time throughout Batman vs. Superman, so he was most likely breaking the Joker out of Arkham Asylum in preparation for 2017’s the Lego Batman Movie. This makes sense because my proposed three universes are separate from the main DCU, which is why Joker wasn’t bound to the suicide squad in the lego batman movie. Even though Batman did appear in suicide squad, we have to assume that Batman exists in the normal DCU separately from the disconnected Batman universes.

You are probably very confused right now.

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