Playlist: Guitar songs // Best of rock and metal

1. Maggot brain – Funkadelic

The story behind this ten minute masterpiece is that the guitarist was told to play as if he were playing for his mother’s funeral, and he did this.
2. For the love of god – Steve Vai
This one is an absolute classic among guitarists and is the song that I’m currently learning on guitar. It’s just such an amazing song, and balances technical difficulty and feeling amazingly well. Well worth a listen.
3. Paul Gilbert – Scarified
You have to watch this version, it’s so great, there’s not much in the way of shredding, but it’s an amazing song.
4. Another brick in the wall pt.2 – Pink Floyd
One of my personal favourites, this is the first solo I ever learned to play, and is just a great song in general.
5. Tender surrender – Steve Vai
I know I keep on doing Steve Vai songs, but he’s just such a good guitarist. He’s actually probably my favourite, alongside Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd.
6. Arpeggios from hell – Ywingie Malsteem
I only just discovered this 30 minutes ago, but this song. This song is just amazing. The fact that this song is humanly possible is just amazing.
7. Through the fire and flames – Dragon force
I know this is notorious for being that “one song” on guitar hero 3 no one can play, but it’s even harder in real life. I’m trying to learn it, but not with much success.
8. Hotel California – The Eagles
I’m trying to be as obscure as possible with this list, but I’m sorry. I have to.
9. Blue Powder – Steve Vai
I’m sorry. I just love Steve Vai too much.
10. Lollipop – Lil Wayne
Best guitar solo ever. 😂I’m sorry, this is a guitarists joke. You probably won’t get it.

Hope you liked the list,


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