Stranger Things: Season 1 review

In preparation for Season Two, I decided to review season one of this fantastic show.

This show is a modern masterpiece. Everything about it is going to make it a classic. The aesthetic, the soundtrack, the acting, the story, the visuals, the cinematography. Seriously. It’s unhinged darkness is thrilling to watch.

And then there’s all of the 80’s pop culture goodness crammed into it, it’s like the movie was made for people like me! Well, I mean it was, but um…

Anyway, apparently this is heavily inspired by Stephen King’s horror novels, which I have to read now because this format of horror is just absolutely AWESOME.

You have to go watch this absolute masterpiece. You must. Now I’m going to save up and buy it on VHS (just cause), DVD and then I’m going to buy the soundtrack on vinyl.

It’s also a relatively short watch, with 8 hour long episodes, and it’s so fast paced.

I only have one gripe with the show and that is how quickly the characters manage to kill the demigorgon. While it was an epic showdown, it felt like it could have been a bit longer.

But the flaws pale in comparison to everything else, so, without a moment’s hesitation, I’m giving this show:

Ratjng: 9.5/10

A must watch!


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