Random spewing of thoughts #38: Vinyl, School and a true return to incessant rambling

I feel like recently, my random spewing of thoughts have just been glorified update posts with a couple music recommendations, so I’m going back to the original format, which means true unedited rambling. Hope you enjoy.

It’s Monday. Again. And I have two tests and double geography. Oh god. Ironically, the sun is shining today, but it just seems to be mocking me so all I have is the thought of easter break, myself and some vaporwave. If you don’t know what vaporwave, it’s basically self-indulgent chill for teenagers and millennials, that both critiques and embraces consumerist culture simaltaneously. I can’t spell sorry. Anyway, yeah.

What did I do on my weekend? Played guitar for 16 hours, of course. I wanted to practice my alternate picking, so I practiced that for the entirety of Saturday and quite a bit of Sunday. Before the fastest I could play a scale was 110 BPM, now I can do 208, which isn’t bad. I also got an idea for a new song. I also won a signed Ezra Furman test pressing from Rough Trade!

I’ll make a post about it soon. I’ll try to post more, because I know I’ve stopped posting as frequently, and that’s not because of time , it’s just cause I’m a bit lazy sometimes.

*Couple hours later*

So, it’s all over now. Nothing that interesting happened. Tests, terrible maths teacher and bored. That’s my day. Whatever, I’m not going to dwell on it anymore.

See you tomorrow (If I’m not lazy).


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