It’ll all fall – A Poem/ Original Song Lyrics

They only want material wealth,
The bombs’ll fall and they’ll be left for dead,
No god’ll save their sins,
Your freedom’s for sale,
Along with your heart and soul,
Your happiness engineered in a sweatshop,
By the children who made this world
Nothing’s safe from the capitalists,
But the blissful ignorance that we hold on to so dear.

The bourgoisie will rise and fall,
I have hope in the human race that this is not all,
A world of hate and anger and greed,
Benefiting the oligarchs and soulless gods,
The vultures think they rule us all,
But their humanity will get the better of them eventually.

But I’m just a kid who lives online,
And middle class revolutionaries aren’t going into style,
But I can’t change the situation that I face,
My emotion gets the better of me,
I feel this song’s been written a million times before,
By a middle aged man named Josh Tillman who I adore,
I can’t seem to be original,
I’ll just write another aimless, hopless, sadness song.

I can’t stand myself and this ideological pedestal I sit on,
But social welfare is charity and human nature, no?
There might be another recession,
But maybe that would cure my depression,
In the end, kindness is all,
You will or won’t be remembered for.
Milan Kundra said man was lighter than air,
Well at this current time our morals are pretty much there.

Our life’s meaning is just a social construct created by man,
It’s probably all chaos like the world is now,
Maybe I’m just spewing meaningless trash at 8:30 on a Monday night.

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