Superorganism – Self-titled Quickie Album Review

Superorganism is an eight piece psychedelic indie pop band who met on the internet. They formed in early 2017 and within a couple months they were on the Fifa 18 soundtrack. All I can say is I love the internet because without them there would be no King Gizzard, Brockhampton and now Superorganism.

The lyrics are upbeat and catchy while still interesting:

I know you think I’m a sociopath

“My lovely prey, ” I’m a cliche

Make way I’m in my Pepsi mood

Mama needs food, how about a barbecue?

For us the bourgeoisie, so carefree

Remember when we?

I don’t know what you need to get by

Something for Your M.I.N.D

The Instrumentals are really weird but cool and fairly sparse but the real high point are the music videos.

Superorganism- Everybody Wants To Be Famous

Go give that a watch it’s absolutely beautiful.

Obviously this album is very niche listen, if you are over 25 it’s hard to appreciate this but if you are and you do appreciate it then good!

It’s the Rough Trade Album Of The Month as well on urine…I mean neon yellow, but it still looks awesome and the cover has got this awesome papery feel.

Rating: 8/10


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