Ezra Furman – Transangelic Exodus Album Review

This album is really good. It’s going to take a few listens to love for some people, but even on my first listen, I am loving it. It’s dance-y, dark, lo-fi and very Ezra Furman.

The concept of the album is also amazing. It’s about Ezra meeting and falling for an angel illegally on earth and them running from Nazis. That is singlehandedly the best storyline I’ve ever heard. The best track has to be “Maraschino-Red Dress $8.99 At Goodwill”, with it’s jangly guitar, fuzzy bass, amazing lyrics and weird but awesome synth at the end. It is just as absurd as the name would suggest, and I’m going to be listening to it non-stop for the next couple months. Ezra Furman is the 21st century Lou Reed and Transangelic Exodus is his Transformer or Andy Warhol. That is probably on purpose, considering he’s writing a book about Transformer and counts Lou Reed as a major influence. The weirdest part on the album comes with either the start of Come here get away from me, which sounds like an off beat country song or Peel My Orange Every Day, with lyrics like this:

I eat an orange every morning

And I take my time with the peel

It’s my beginner’s meditation

To start my little journey on an even keel

This album is simaltaneously the most catchy, lyrical, ridiculous and genius album I have heard in a very long time. However, if you want something catchy, you probably only want to listen to the singles because the rest of the album isn’t trying to do that and I respect it for that.

Best tracks: No place, Maraschino-Red Dress $8.99 At Goodwill, Suck The Blood From My Wound

Worst tracks: There are none

Rating: 10

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