A kid’s view of politics #11: The Churchill Situation

This Churchill cafe situation is ridiculous. At this point, you would probably expect me to defend Churchill but no no no, I will be doing nothing of the sort.

This entire situation is dumb. People protest a Churchill cafe because it promotes imperialism. Nothing wrong with that. Churchill may have been a strong leader but up against modern standards, he would be far-right. Being a strong leader doesn’t show you are morally strong (Stalin, Thatcher, Hitler) it just shows that you are better at forcing your ideals on other people. If the war wasn’t happening and Churchill was in power, he probably would have been like Trump. The real controversy stems from what happened when they left and someone shouted that Churchill saved the country and in reply they said Churchill was a rascist. Which…is completely true. He dehumanised Ghandi, used derogatory language against a lot of cultures and claimed to have shot three ‘savages’ in Sudan. He was not unique, as a lot of people at that time were incredibly rascist, but still, nothing they said was false.

Then not only did the ignorant media cover this and try and paint them badly, they focused on one particular person. Oh, that’s surprising, they decided to pick on a Somalian.

Funny how the people saying that you can’t say Churchill was racist are being so racist.


8 thoughts on “A kid’s view of politics #11: The Churchill Situation

  1. He was a man of his times – he had many great qualities but also many qualities we find absolutely vile. The problem is when people say he was one OR the other. He was more complicated than that. Possibly a “World” theme would have better than a theme that leans towards Empire and Imperialism. I ‘m really not sure that naming your cafe after anyone other than the owner is such a great idea….lets see who else could they have named it after? The Gandhi? The Roosevelt? The Stalin? The FDR? Possibly not. They all come with baggage!

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