Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia – Bart Simpson / Green Line

Princess Nokia is an up and coming artist from New York who recently release a 16 track version of her 5 track EP, 1992, seemingly influenced by trap, 90’s hip hop, and very narrative driven rap.

It’s taken me quite a while to get into her, but right now I’m obsessed. She’s so varied, from Soul Train, a straight funk song, to Kitana and Tomboy, which are like Lil Pump but with actual style, verses, lyrics about female empowerment instead of expensive clothing and awesome instrumentals so 10X better. These style songs will probably be turn-offs for most people, as it nearly was for me, as the chorus for Kitana is literally just “Kitana Kitana Kitana Kitana, Mortal Kombat, I’ll see you mañana”. She then has incredibly personal and well written songs like Bart Simpson and Goth Kid, and then decides to rap like Tupac on Saggy Denim.

I have only listened to parts of her obscure earlier releases, Honeysuckle and Metallic Butterfly, but I’m loving what I’m hearing. She was also self-made. Yes, she did get signed to Rough Trade Records (my favourite label) for 1992 Deluxe, but she gained her hype from her two earlier releases.

Her best tracks are (in my opinion) Soul Train, Goth Kid, Green Line, Bart Simpson, Hands Up and ABC’s Of New York.


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