Random spewing of thoughts #35: Music updates / recommendations, poetry, updates in general and 250 followers

Hello and welcome back to random spewing of thoughts, the series where I randomly talk about subjects with no connection at all for a while.

I’ve finally found a song for those lyrics that I made. I’m going to probably do it with my band instead of as a solo project. I’m still adding more to the lyrics, so it’s not just going to be what you saw earlier. Anyway, I’ll share a demo when we’re done writing the song, which will be the first thing you’ll have heard from my band unless you know me in real life. Anyway, can’t wait to share that.

I feel the music part of the random spewing of thoughts is a bit misleading, because I always end up just talking about my music which new viewers (probably) won’t care about. So here’s some recommendations:


Maybe // King and Queen Of The Losers

Paracetamol // Declean McKenna

Dum Surfer // King Krule

Deantown // Vulfpeck

funky dance stuff:

Tango // Kooce (Only on soundcloud)

After The Storm // Kali Uchis ft. Tyler, The Creator and Bootsy Collins

rap / hip hop:

Goth Kid // Princess Nokia

BOOGIE // Brockhampton

i spoke to the devil in miami // XXXTentacion

Playlist of songs

That should be enough, but if you want a constantly updating playlist of what I listen to:

Songs that I’m listening to now

Anywho, more poetry / song lyrics soon, just need to get some inspiration.

There is a special vinyl related post coming up, but that will probably have to wait till the weekend because it will take a while to do the things I need to for the post. You’ll see when it comes out.

I think we’ve reached 250 followers now, I’ll make a celebratory post of some kind tomorrow. Thank you again, in advance.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post,



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