Bandcamp: The Saving Grace

This is the age where we must compromise with our services.

Soundcloud does have easy uploading but it only promotes big artists and most of the content is plagiarised.

Youtube has a great community but powers that be are absolutely terrible with an adpocalypse, double standards, continued marginalisation of small creators etc.

Streaming services are great and all, but they pay next to nothing to the artists.

We don’t switch to something better because they all have amazing creator communities, and it seems that the worst things always get popular.

So it’s a wonder that a website like Bandcamp got popular. Everything about this website is amazing. They take only 10-15% of sales, you can buy physical copies, the artist can set whatever minimum (including free) they want and you can donate more if you want, and they only promote stuff you’ve never heard before. It also has a great community. What’s not to love?

It also lets you revel in your hipsterness like nothing else.

So far I’ve bought Crutch by King and Queen Of The Losers and I’m about to buy Man, Seeking Pity by Jordan Thornquest. I am one of only 20 people in the world to own the KAQOTL album. How’s that for hipster?

I will admit for a while I was the worst culprit of the popularisation of problematic music services and the marginalisation of sites like Bandcamp. I have been aware of Bandcamp for a long time, but I have overlooked until now.

So I encourage you, go out and try Bandcamp. They seem to be the only corporation that aren’t out for money these days. They seem to genuinely care about the artists and the music.

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