Random spewing of thoughts #34: Writer’s Block, Music, (Nearly) 250 Followers and the weekend.

I have the most ridiculous reason for not posting yesterday. I’ve been doing so many posts that require extra work, like the art, poetry and music posts that I’ve forgotten how to make a normal post about nothing in particular. I’ve forgot how to do the not series based, usually easy to write posts that I did a lot over the holidays. This might have something to do with the fact that the music, art and poetry is the only remotely interesting thing in my life, there are no albums to review, I haven’t watched any movies lately, I can’t think of any obscure music genres to talk about, that lyric analysis didn’t go too well, there isn’t anything in politics to rant about, literally nothing is happening anywhere.

So I have decided to spend some more time on my most popular series, Random Spewing Of Thoughts, which essentially changed my format from only music reviews to what I have now.

Anyway, what insignificant thing do I have now to stretch into an entire paragraph? It’s the weekend tomorrow! Can’t wait, although to be honest today is basically just a couple of lessons I’m indifferent to then Music and Double Art, so It’ll be fine.

A while later…

Anyway, I’m finished with school now, and I’m happy about that because it makes me be so forgetful. I swear, for 30 minutes at the end of school, I honestly thought I had lost my glasses, and I was really annoyed about it. They were literally on my face the entire time. I’m also happy because I’m going to release my new song, which I’m really happy with and I can’t wait to release it. Anywho, I’ll make a post about it when I release it.

We’re almost at 250 followers! I have no idea what I’m going to do, but I’ll think of something. Anyway, thanks in advance!

Can’t think of anything else to say and I should probably post this now,


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