Random spewing of thoughts #33: Poetry, Music, Art and (a lot of) my dog

It’s only halfway through January and I’ve already broken one of my resolutions. I didn’t release a song yesterday, kinda. I did actually release a song, but I took it down right after I released it because:

A.) It was too loud so Soundcloud distorted it way too much.

and the more artistic reason:

B.) I felt like it was just as good as IMPERFECTION 2. And I don’t want that. I want to improve upon myself with the IMPERFECTION 3. I also promise after IMPERFECTION 3 I’ll stop making every release be Self titled. Anyway, I need to work on the new song for at least another week.

I don’t think sticking religiously to my song a week goal is the best idea. I’m still keeping the resolution because it encourages me to work more, but if I have a song that could be really good, I’m not going to abandon it just to meet a schedule because that prevents me from making my best stuff.

Anyway, more poems on the way soon. I’m not going to release all of the ones that I make, because I’m primarily using poetry to write lyrics. I do realise that I keep on promising poems and then never deliver, but I’m going to make an effort tomorrow to make something. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

I’m also planning to do some more art. I dunno. Just a thought. Tell me if you want to see some.

I just realised this is more random spewing of updates than random spewing of thoughts, so here’s some pictures of my doggo:

Is that enough already?



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