Shame: Songs Of Praise Album Review

I got the Rough Trade Album Of The Month pink vinyl version, so I though I might as well show you because I probably won’t make a standalone post on it:

Is it too early to call Album Of the year?

Songs of shame is full of absolute bangers. From One Rizla to Concrete to Tastless to Gold Hole, basically every track could pass as the best track. This album combines elements of classic punk, post punk and modern indie rock into a melting pot of shouting and ringing guitar leads. The band also show more promise than just your average punk band, with the 7 minute closer “Angie” which shows a more lyrical angle to this band. Let’s not forget that this is the band’s debut as well!

And while it may not have the raw energy or tempo of traditional punk, it still manages to be brash while having more complexity than you would imagine, which actually plays to their strengths to be honest.

The guitar leads are somewhat reminiscent of the Clash, especially on One Rizla, the lead-off single, with the high pitched guitar lead on top of the power chords that makes it probably the best song of the album. I’m linking it at the end of the post, and I can’t recommend it enough.

One Rizla – Shame

Rating: 9/10

Best track: One Rizla

Worst track: There isn’t one. They’re all amazing.

P.S. This band also have amazing taste. I saw a video where they were buying vinyl and they got Nas, Charles Bradley, Herbie Hancock and a whole lot more.


6 thoughts on “Shame: Songs Of Praise Album Review

  1. I enjoyed the album and saw them do a fantastic in-store at Rough Trade East. A month on though and I’m not playing it quite as much as I thought I would. Very good but not sure it is quite the album of the year. The band are incredibly impressive though – very much worth checking out live.
    Here’s my write up on it. I write about every Rough Trade album of the month which you might enjoy if you are a subscriber too.
    Nice writing – well done:

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