Crate digging #6: Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue

I’ve got this album on CD and as of today Vinyl. I bought a Dark Blue reissue from Rough Trade East in Brick Lane, London, and while it may have a cutout cover, which is somewhat annoying, I had to get it because it was only £11 and coloured vinyl is usually more expensive than the standard edition (which was £20). Plus it’s in Mono, which would seem bad but actually is better because the original recording was in mono and so the stereo versions are reproductions and not the original sound.

This album is so amazing. The songs are so mesmerising that the other day, when I was recording my mixtape, I accidentally recorded 4 minutes of the next song because I was so lost in the music. This album was my first proper introduction to Jazz and I absolutely love it. In a couple years, I’ll probably get an original pressing as well and that goes to show because it’s not with every album that you decide to get 3 copies of them. This album is musical perfection. Go buy yourself this album

Best songs: All Of Them

Worst Songs: None Of Them


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