Album review: Elliot B – Malaventura 05

This album is pretty great.

The lyrics shine through as especially good, the instrumentals are great, the vocals, while they aren’t as good as everything else, are still pretty nice. I have no complaints with anything here, and this is a really solid project.

The lyrics are definitely the high point of the album, with great lyrics like


oh, oh jearhead

you don’t wanna hear what they said

when your gun was turned

cuts deeper than lead

the others who you try to prove yourself to

with a lens you try to shoot

killin for a sport

you’re a jarhead

– Jarhead by Eliott B

I’m also a big fan of the production on this album, which is fairly lo-fi but still works really well. The best example of this is the track Love Haze, which is very repetitive but has such good instrumentals and production that it is probably the best track on the album.

I was sent this album by the creator, who you can check out here. It’s currently on Bandcamp for whatever price you want to pay, and you can stream it if you don’t have money (although you could technically pay nothing for it). Anyway, Bandcamp is awesome and you should download this album to support small creators and just because it’s a great album.

In fact, next time I go on Bandcamp, I’m going to buy this album and throw some money the artist’s way because I really like this. I would also recommend you listen to his back catalogue, it’s great.

Rating: 8/10

The main bandcamp page
The album
Love Haze – Eliott B

Speaking of which, if any of you want me to review your album, I’ll be more than happy to. Just comment below.


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