Top 10 songs of 2017

Hello. Today on (dead meme alert) we will be talking about my top 10 songs of 2017.

Let’s get roiiiiiiight into the news list (another dead meme):

Honorable Mentions:

  • Yuk Foo – Wolf Alice
  • hate will never win / Indecision / Jocelyn Flores- XXXTentacion
  • LMK – Kelela
  • Garage Palace – Gorillaz
  • This Isn’t The Place – Nine Inch Nails

10.) Knucklehugs (arm yourself with love) – Diablo Swing Orchestra

You’ll know from my review that I love this album. I said things like “They are the modern Santana”. I don’t take it back

9.) Don’t go back at ten – Girl Ray

Just a bit of catchy dream pop for Monday Mornings. The

8.) Sōlar Blade – Iglooghost

This weird glitchy, trip-hop is absolutely packed full of sounds and is really interesting to listen to. Definitely recommended.

7.) Deep Down Body Thurst – N.E.R.D,

6.) Loyalty – King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

The synths in this thing are absolutely bonkers and so is this album Polygondwanaland. It’s prog with synths. In 2017. What more could I ask for? Nothing.

5.) Chemistry – Arcade Fire

I don’t think Everything Now was a bad album, or even a mediocre one. It is different from the other things they’ve done before, but I happen to like post apocalyptic, simplistic rock-disco. This song in particular is a favourite of mine, although to be honest I could put every song on that album on here, even Infinite Content, which is literally just “Infinite Content” repeated over and over again with the occasional “All your money is already spent” in there and then Infinite_Content, which is the same but acoustic.

4.) FEEL. – Kendrick Lamar

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of DAMN. as a whole project, FEEL was still an absolutely amazing song and feels up to scratch with the To Pimp A Butterfly level and showcases the true talents of the greatest rapper of the 21st Century

3.) BOOGIE – Brockhampton

This beat is absolutely nuts. It’s absolutely nuts. There’s a reason why I want to spend £50 on the Saturation 1, 2 and 3 boxes and it’s because of songs like this.

2.) So I’m growing old on Magic Mountain – Father John Misty

The best song off the best album of 2017. A sweeping, lush ballad with a 7 minute instrumental. It’s absolutely beautiful and haunting. This is the song I wish I wrote.

1.) Truth. – Kamasi Washington

A 14 minute jazz masterpiece I only discovered a couple days ago. It oozes emotion and soul and is absolutely amazing. The accompanied video is absolutely amazing, and to put the cherry on top, it’s on Brainfeeder records, which features Thundercat and Iglooghost.

Let me know what your favourite songs of the year were!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 songs of 2017

  1. Good list. A few of mine: Drawn by De La Soul feat Little Dragon; Black Screen by LCD Soundsytem; Phantom of Aleppoville by Benjamin Clementine; Swnerve by Cid Rim; The One 2 by !!!; Them Changes by Thundercat; Donald’s Wig by Coldcut feat Roses Gabor; Wonky Bassline Disco Banger by Red Rack’em. Not to mention all the old music I (re)discovered including Maggot Brain & Bedward the Flying Preacher. Pretty good year in music!

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