Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review (FULL SPOILERS)

Full spoilers ahead. Probably a bit late now, since I warned you in the title and the description and you’ve probably seen the image right above me. Try to forget this ever happened.

This is a mixed film. When it is at it’s high points it is Blade Runner 2049 level amazing and it’s absolutely thrilling. In particular, the scenes where Rey and Kylo Ren Kill Supreme Leader Snoke and Laura Dern’s character smashes through Snoke’s ship at light speed. When those scenes were happening, the movie was absolutely breathtaking and 10/10. However, while I want to say I loved this movie, there are a lot of problems. Leia’s death and then return by flying in. The bloated comedy. The needless subplots. Snoke. Captain Phasma. The squandered chemistry between Rey and Finn. Kylo Ren’s apparent return from the dark side and then his fall back to it.

Let’s start by addressing the Rose / Finn subplot. It honestly felt like the preqels continued. While it was going on I felt it would be all worth it, but then it wasn’t. It really had no purpose AT ALL besides to provide a distraction and to set up the boy staring out at the night at the end. It was pointless, it was needless and it should have been cut.

Leia either should have died or not gone out into space at all. She looked like she was Superman or something. It’s meant to be Star Wars. And it would have worked if she just went then because it represents the fleeting mortality of everyone and how a beloved character can be gone in an instant. But when she just woke up and started flying, it had the combined effect of making me both laugh hysterically and go “Really?”.

The jokes also fell very flat, with the only three good jokes being the Poe Dameron stalling at the beginning, Luke throwing the lightsaber over his shoulder and the ha…Luke Skywalker scene where he drinks the blue milk. Oh my god, that was absolutely amazingly ridiculous. Ahhhhhh. I could not stop laughing.

However, while I may be relentlessly attacking this movie for it’s flaws, this movie is very special. The visuals are stunning, the choreography is stunning, the Rey / Kylo Ren dynamic is thrilling and for the most part, the story is amazing and full of twists and turns that I did not expect. While there were plot holes a-plenty and a lot of completely unnecessary moments, it is a great movie and while it may not be as good as The Force Awakens, at least it tried to be something better. This movie took risks and I admire it for that. It wasn’t just a cash grab or a safe movie.

If there is another cut, maybe a director’s cut, that fixes these problems, then this movie will go down as a classic. In fact, I’m actually considering making my own cut of this movie by re-editing it once it comes out. Probably won’t be much better, but it’d be fun. Also, you want to know a movie that originally wasn’t good but was fixed by a director’s cut? Blade Runner. A classic. Give it some time and this will grow on all of us.

Rating: 7/10


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