Album review: Pacifisticuffs by Diablo Swing Orchestra

This album is absolutely amazing. There are critics of this album who call it too avant-garde, too camp or too weird. But this is none of those things.

Diablo Swing Orchestra is a avant-garde metal band from Sweden. This album reminds me a lot of Gogol Bordello, who are an absolutely amazing band you should definitely check out. This album blends jazz fusion, metal, rock, swing and basically every other genre under the sun.

This is like the modern Santana.

The tracks are incredibly complex, but don’t get lost in their technicality and remain very rhythmically grounded. There are some weird interlude parts in the album which have violin solos and stuff and aren’t the most interesting thing ever, but the album still remains an incredibly fun listen and it’s absolutely thrilling.

The production isn’t that special, but it works and achieves the hard task of making a sonic explosion not just sound like a mush of sounds. The main focus of the album are the instrumentals and not the production, which is fine with me, to be honest.

To call this eccentric is a gross understatement. That’s all I can say.

Rating: 9/10



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