Random spewing of thoughts #31: XXXTentacion, School and My Soundcloud

I’m struggling to keep on going, but I have to remind myself that I only have 4 and a half days until school ends, and by the time you read this, it will probably be 3 and a half. Luckily all of my end of term tests were last week, so I’ll have more time to focus on my music.

Speaking of music, I have a suggestion for you. This is kind of melancholy rap. It’s off XXXTentacion’s new EP, A Ghetto Christmas Carol. There are 5 songs on it, and I have a mixed opinion on it but there is one track that really stands out, which is “hate will never win”. It’s about America and Donald Trump, but is a lot better than a particular track of the same subject which was released recently *ahem* Eminem’s new trash song *ahem*, and it’s a lot more melancholy and ballad than the rest of the songs on the EP, which are distorted, angry songs with a LOT of swearing. That’s not to say some of them are good, I just wouldn’t recommend them unless you are a fan of that. This song is a good 9/10. Give it a try.

X’s SoundCloud

Hate Will Never Win – XXXTentacion

In other music related things, my general plan for my Soundcloud is a standalone single while I’m working on IMPERFECTION 2, which will be the next thing after that unless there’s some kind of delay, which is quite likely. Anyway, music is coming soon and will not stop coming soon.

My soundcloud

Have you ever realised how much I say anyway and anywho in these Random Spewing Of Thoughts. It’s like 4 times every single one. I guess it just goes to show how random these are, when my thoughts are so all over the place that I have to use the same word over and over again to bridge the paragraphs because they don’t fit together.

Anywho, it snowed again! (Did it again) Annoyingly I didn’t miss school but I did miss Football (British Football) after lunch.

Now that might sound good, but it’s really not. I literally had to spend an hour and a half watching Match Of The Day, which is the most boring part of the already boring sport that is football. Match Of The Day, for those of you who don’t know, is when a bunch of middle aged men talk about people kicking a ball around a pitch when in fact they couldn’t do any better. It is the most boring thing ever. Watching Gary Lineker is like watching paint dry. If you were watching paint dry 1000 times slower on a loop for the next 100 years. The most embarrassing thing is I used to watch it. When I was about 5.

Anyway, it’s time for me stop rambling about terrible TV and do something else that is slightly more productive.



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